15 Video Game Cake Ideas for Your Next Party

Discover creative cake decorating ideas inspired by popular video games, perfect for any gamer’s celebration.

Super Mario Galaxy Tiered Cake

super mario galaxy tiered cake

A Super Mario Galaxy tiered cake brings the whimsical world of Mario to life through a multi-tiered design featuring iconic characters and elements from the game. It is a show-stopping centerpiece that combines creativity and nostalgia for gamers of all ages. Perfect for birthdays or themed parties celebrating the beloved franchise.

Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Cake

legend of zelda hylian shield cake

A Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield cake is perfect for fans of the iconic video game series, featuring intricate designs and colors that mimic the shield.

Fortnite Supply Drop Box Cake

fortnite supply drop box cake

Imagine a cake shaped like the iconic Fortnite Supply Drop box, complete with vibrant colors and intricate details, making it a perfect centerpiece for a gaming-themed party.

Minecraft Creeper Face Cake

minecraft creeper face cake

Imagine a cake designed to look like the iconic face of a Creeper from Minecraft, perfect for fans of the popular game.

Pac-Man Arcade Game Cake

pac man arcade game cake

A Pac-Man arcade game cake is a fun and nostalgic design featuring the iconic yellow character and colorful ghosts. Perfect for gaming enthusiasts of all ages.

Animal Crossing Island Cake

animal crossing island cake

Capture the essence of a vibrant and whimsical Animal Crossing island in cake form with this delightful and colorful creation that will transport any gaming enthusiast to their favorite virtual getaway.

Among Us Crewmate Cake

among us crewmate cake

A cake inspired by the popular game Among Us, featuring a crewmate character design, perfect for gaming-themed parties.

Call of Duty Camouflage Cake

call of duty camouflage cake

Create a camouflage-inspired cake for a Call of Duty fan. Mimic the game’s military aesthetic with a unique design and color palette. It’s a perfect choice for a gamer’s birthday or a themed party.

Pokémon Pokéball Cake

pokemon pokeball cake

A Pokémon Pokéball cake is a fun and colorful cake design perfect for fans of the popular franchise. The cake resembles the iconic Pokéball used to catch and store Pokémon creatures. It’s a great choice for a birthday party or a themed event celebrating all things Pokémon. The vibrant red, white, and black colors of the Pokéball make for a visually striking cake that will delight any Pokémon enthusiast.

Tetris Block Puzzle Cake

tetris block puzzle cake

Create a colorful Tetris-inspired cake with different shaped blocks that fit perfectly together, perfect for gamers and nostalgia lovers alike.

Sonic the Hedgehog Ring Cake

sonic the hedgehog ring cake

The Sonic the Hedgehog ring cake idea incorporates the iconic gold rings from the video game series into a delicious and visually striking cake design.

Halo Master Chief Helmet Cake

halo master chief helmet cake

A cake in the shape of the iconic Master Chief helmet from the popular game, Halo.

World of Warcraft Faction Logo Cake

world of warcraft faction logo cake

This cake features the iconic logos of the Alliance and Horde factions from World of Warcraft, making it perfect for fans of the game. The intricate details and vibrant colors on the cake replicate the symbols from the game, adding a touch of fantasy to any gaming-themed event. It’s a show-stopping centerpiece that combines gaming and baking in a creative and delicious way.

Assassin’s Creed Emblem Cake

assassins creed emblem cake

Imagine a stunning Assassin’s Creed emblem recreated on a cake, perfect for gamers who love the iconic franchise.

Roblox Logo Cake

roblox logo cake

Create a Roblox logo cake to surprise any gaming enthusiast at their next birthday bash.

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