15 Gaming Cake Ideas for Your Next Themed Party

Discover creative gaming cake ideas that will level up any gamer’s birthday or event celebration.

Controller-shaped Cake With Detailed Buttons

controller shaped cake with detailed buttons

This cake mimics a gamer’s controller, complete with intricately designed, edible buttons and joysticks for a realistic touch.

Pac-Man Themed Cake With Edible Dots and Ghosts

pac man themed cake with edible dots and ghosts

Chase down those nostalgic gaming vibes with a Pac-Man cake, designed with colorful edible dots and cute fondant ghosts.

Minecraft Cube Cake With Pixelated Icing Design

minecraft cube cake with pixelated icing design

Craft a confectionery tribute to the blocky world of Minecraft by replicating its iconic, pixelated style in edible form on a multi-layered cube cake.

Fortnite Loot Llama Pinata Cake

fortnite loot llama pinata cake

This cake transforms the vibrant, treasure-filled loot llama from Fortnite into a fun, edible form, perfect for surprising any game enthusiast.

Racing Car Track Cake With Miniature Car Toppers

racing car track cake with miniature car toppers

Capture the thrill of the racetrack with a cake designed as a looping circuit, topped with miniature racing cars zooming around.

Tetris Block-shaped Cake With Colorful Layers

tetris block shaped cake with colorful layers

This vibrant selection stacks layers of distinct colored sponge to replicate the immediately recognizable Tetris game blocks, transforming your cake into an old-school gaming sensation.

Zelda Triforce Cake With Golden Fondant

zelda triforce cake with golden fondant

Craft a regal Zelda Triforce cake adorned with shimmering golden fondant, perfect for any fan celebrating heroics and high adventure.

Super Mario Level Cake With Iconic Pipes and Mushrooms

super mario level cake with iconic pipes and mushrooms

Leap into nostalgia with a Super Mario-themed cake, featuring sculpted fondant pipes and edible mushroom decorations.

Call of Duty Camo-print Cake With Dog Tag Toppers

call of duty camo print cake with dog tag toppers

Ideal for military-themed gaming events, this cake boasts a cool camo-print exterior, topped with realistic edible dog tags, bringing a slice of frontline excitement to the party.

Pokémon Ball Tiered Cake

pokemon ball tiered cake

This design captures the excitement of a Pokémon hunt with its vibrant red and white layers, topped with a fondant Pokéball—perfect for fans of all ages.

Assassin’s Creed Emblem Cake With White and Red Fondant

assassins creed emblem cake with white and red fondant

This cake features the iconic Assassin’s Creed emblem, crafted with precision from white and red fondant, capturing the essence of the game’s adventurous spirit.

League of Legends Arena Cake With Champion Figures

league of legends arena cake with champion figures

Prepare for an epic battle with a League of Legends arena cake, topped with meticulously crafted champion figures ready to engage in sugary combat.

Sonic the Hedgehog Loop-de-loop Cake

sonic the hedgehog loop de loop cake

Capture Sonic’s signature speed with a cake designed as a thrilling loop-de-loop from the classic game levels, complete with blue and white icing to mimic his iconic blur.

World of Warcraft Faction Emblem Cake

world of warcraft faction emblem cake

Show your allegiance with a cake featuring the crest of your favorite World of Warcraft faction, crafted in bold colors and meticulous detail.

Virtual Reality Headset Cake With Intricate Details

virtual reality headset cake with intricate details

Dive into the digital realm with a cake shaped like a virtual reality headset, adorned with realistic controls and vents for a high-tech celebration.

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