15 Super Mario Cake Ideas for Your Next Party

Discover creative Super Mario cake ideas that will bring the excitement of the game to any party.

Peach’s Castle Fondant Cake

peachs castle fondant cake

Craft a majestic centerpiece with a multi-tiered fondant cake shaped and decorated as Princess Peach’s iconic castle, complete with towers and flags.

Yoshi Egg Cake Pops

yoshi egg cake pops

These delightful cake pops, styled like Yoshi’s iconic speckled eggs, add a playful touch to any Super Mario-themed party.

Mario Power-Up Mushroom Cupcakes

mario power up mushroom cupcakes

Capitalize on the iconic red and white Power-Up Mushrooms by transforming them into delightful cupcakes, perfect for bite-sized gaming nostalgia.

Pipe & Piranha Plant Tier Cake

pipe amp piranha plant tier cake

This tiered cake captures a classic Mario scene by featuring vivid green fondant, bold pipe designs, and a menacing Piranha Plant topper.

Mario Kart Racing Track Cake

mario kart racing track cake

This cake transforms into an edible racecourse, complete with colorful icing for the track and fondant figures of Mario and competitors zooming around in their karts.

Boo Ghost Meringues

boo ghost meringues

Create an eerie yet adorable touch by crafting Boo Ghost meringues, perfect for adding a ghostly vibe to your Super Mario-themed party.

Starman Galaxy Mirror Glaze Cake

starman galaxy mirror glaze cake

Capture the sparkle of invincibility with a stunning galaxy mirror glaze, adorned with a shimmering, edible Starman centerpiece.

Donkey Kong Barrel Cake

donkey kong barrel cake

Craft a barrel-shaped cake inspired by Donkey Kong, complete with textured icing to mimic wood and fondant bananas for an iconic touch.

Fire Flower Buttercream Cake

fire flower buttercream cake

This vibrant cake features the iconic Fire Flower using vivid buttercream icing techniques to mimic the fiery petals, adding a visual “power-up” to any party table.

Super Mario World Map Cake

super mario world map cake

This cake intricately replicates the vibrant levels of a Super Mario game, letting guests embark on a visual journey across the Mushroom Kingdom.

Bob-omb Blast Chocolate Cake

bob omb blast chocolate cake

This explosive design features layers of rich chocolate cake shaped like the iconic black Bob-omb, complete with a fondant fuse and sparkling sugar details to mimic its fiery personality.

Mario’s Overalls Sheet Cake

marios overalls sheet cake

This cake replicates the iconic blue and red overalls, complete with fondant buttons and a piped “M” on the cap, perfect for fans who love the classic Mario look.

Toadstool Red Velvet Cake

toadstool red velvet cake

This whimsical design transforms the classic red velvet cake into a bright Toadstool from the Mario universe, complete with white spots and a sturdy stem base.

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Cake With Edible Ghosts

luigis mansion dark cake with edible ghosts

Ideal for a spooky-themed celebration, this dark chocolate cake features cleverly crafted edible ghosts that appear to float amidst Luigi’s haunted mansion, adding a deliciously eerie charm.

Coin Block Surprise Cake With Hidden Coins Inside

coin block surprise cake with hidden coins inside

This cake features a clever design with a treasure trove of edible gold coins hidden within, delighting guests as they discover the surprise tucked away in each slice.

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