15 Shrek Cake Ideas for a Magical Party

Get ready to create the ultimate Shrek-themed cake with these whimsical and inventive decorating ideas that will turn any party into a fairy-tale event!

Swamp Layer Cake

swamp layer cake

Imagine layers of cake resembling the murky swamp where Shrek lives, topped with green frosting and gummy swamp creatures for a whimsical touch.

Donkey Cupcake Tower

donkey cupcake tower

Create a tower of adorable cupcakes featuring Donkey from Shrek.

Fiona’s Tiara Cake

fionas tiara cake

Create a Fiona’s Tiara Cake fit for a princess by incorporating edible pearls and glitter for a royal touch.

Puss in Boots Face Cake

puss in boots face cake

Create a cake that resembles the iconic face of Puss in Boots from the Shrek movie. It will be a hit at any celebration with its adorable and recognizable design.

Ogre Mud Pie

ogre mud pie

Imagine a rich chocolate cake covered in edible “mud” frosting, adorned with green frosting for a swampy effect.

Gingy Gingerbread Cake

gingy gingerbread cake

Imagine a charming gingerbread cake shaped like Gingy, the iconic gingerbread man character from the Shrek movies, adding a whimsical touch to your Shrek-themed celebration.

Far Far Away Castle Cake

far far away castle cake

Imagine a cake that resembles a magical castle straight out of a fairy tale, complete with towers, turrets, and drawbridge details that will transport you to the enchanting world of Far Far Away.

Swamp Water Jelly Cake

swamp water jelly cake

A Swamp Water Jelly Cake adds a fun and quirky touch to a Shrek-themed celebration – the perfect nod to the swampy home of everyone’s favorite green ogre!

Dragon’s Lair Red Velvet Cake

dragons lair red velvet cake

Create a Dragon’s Lair Red Velvet Cake with a fiery red exterior and dragon-scale fondant details, perfect for a Shrek-themed celebration.

Fairy Tale Book Cake

fairy tale book cake

An enchanting Fairy Tale Book Cake is perfect for a Shrek-themed party, bringing the magical world of fairy tales to life with edible pages and whimsical decorations.

Magic Potion Bottle Cake

magic potion bottle cake

Creating a cake shaped like a magic potion bottle adds a whimsical touch to a Shrek-themed dessert table.

Shrek and Fiona Wedding Cake

shrek and fiona wedding cake

Craft a wedding cake featuring Shrek and Fiona as the main stars, complete with iconic elements from the movie in edible form, providing a whimsical and unforgettable touch to any fairy tale-themed celebration.

Ogre Green Velvet Cake

ogre green velvet cake

Create an Ogre Green Velvet Cake to match Shrek’s ogre-green complexion and embrace the whimsical charm of the movie theme.

Enchanted Forest Cake

enchanted forest cake

Imagine a cake that transports you straight into an enchanted forest with edible flowers, whimsical creatures, and mystical elements.

Cookie With the Giant Cookie Cake

cookie with the giant cookie cake

Create a giant cookie cake in the shape of a cookie, adding a whimsical touch to your Shrek-themed party dessert table.

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