15 Gabby Dollhouse Cake Ideas for Your Next Party

Discover creative and whimsical cake decorating ideas inspired by the vibrant world of Gabby’s Dollhouse!

Kitty Fairy Tower Cake: Multi-tiered Cake With Pastel Colors and Kitty Fairy Wings On Each Tier

kitty fairy tower cake multi tiered cake with pastel colors and kitty fairy wings on each tier

Transform your cake into a magical tower adorned with delicate pastel hues and enchanting Kitty Fairy wings on each level.

A whimsical cake that will bring a touch of fairy-tale charm to any celebration, perfect for fans of Gabby’s Dollhouse.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Treehouse Cake: Tree-stump Shaped Base With Dollhouse Details On Top

gabbys dollhouse treehouse cake tree stump shaped base with dollhouse details on top

The Gabby’s Dollhouse Treehouse Cake features a whimsical tree-stump base adorned with intricate dollhouse details on top. Let your cake stand out with this charming and unique design, perfect for a Gabby’s Dollhouse-themed celebration.

CatRat Cupcake Tower: A Tower of Cupcakes Decorated Like CatRat, With a Fondant Tail Wrapping Around

catrat cupcake tower a tower of cupcakes decorated like catrat with a fondant tail wrapping around

Imagine a delightful tower of cupcakes designed to look like CatRat, complete with a playful fondant tail wrapping around each treat.

Cakey Cat Cake: Shaped and Decorated As Cakey Cat With Edible Glitter and Colorful Icing

cakey cat cake shaped and decorated as cakey cat with edible glitter and colorful icing

The Cakey Cat Cake is a whimsical creation designed to resemble Cakey Cat with a touch of edible glitter and vibrant icing colors, adding a playful and charming element to any celebration.

Pandy Paws Playhouse Cake: A Playhouse-themed Cake Designed Like Pandy Paws’ Home, Complete With a Fondant Panda On Top

pandy paws playhouse cake a playhouse themed cake designed like pandy paws home complete with a fondant panda on top

The Pandy Paws Playhouse Cake is a fun playhouse-themed cake featuring Pandy Paws’ home and a cute fondant panda on top.

MerCat Ocean Adventure Cake: Blue Ombré Waves With Sugar MerCat and Underwater Decorations

mercat ocean adventure cake blue ombre waves with sugar mercat and underwater decorations

Transport yourself to an underwater wonderland with a MerCat Ocean Adventure Cake. Immerse in blue ombré waves and whimsical underwater decorations featuring a charming sugar MerCat. Perfect for a Gabby Dollhouse themed celebration, this cake brings the ocean’s magic to your dessert table.

Garden Workshop Cake: Edible Garden Tools, Flowers, and a Fondant Baby Box Cat Playing Outside

garden workshop cake edible garden tools flowers and a fondant baby box cat playing outside

Imagine a cake with edible garden tools, flowers, and a cute fondant Baby Box Cat enjoying the outdoors.

Tiny Dollhouse Cake: Miniature Fondant Dollhouse Replicas Surrounding a Larger Centerpiece Cake

tiny dollhouse cake miniature fondant dollhouse replicas surrounding a larger centerpiece cake

The Tiny Dollhouse Cake features intricate fondant dollhouse replicas that surround a larger centerpiece cake, creating a whimsical and charming design. Each miniature replica adds a delightful touch to the overall cake decor, making it a visually stunning and unique centerpiece for any occasion.

Pillow Cat’s Sleepover Cake: A Slumber Party Themed Cake With Fondant Pillows and Mini Pillow Cat Figures

pillow cats sleepover cake a slumber party themed cake with fondant pillows and mini pillow cat figures

Imagine a slumber party-themed cake adorned with fondant pillows and tiny Pillow Cat figures.

DJ Catnip Disco Cake: Neon Lights Effect With a DJ Booth and Fondant DJ Catnip Spinning the Decks

dj catnip disco cake neon lights effect with a dj booth and fondant dj catnip spinning the decks

Imagine a cake that brings the disco party vibe with neon lights and a DJ booth. Picture a fondant DJ Catnip spinning the decks, adding a fun and energetic touch to the celebration.

Flower Garden Cake: Decorate With Vibrant Edible Flowers and Butterflies, Featuring a Flowerrella Fondant Figure

flower garden cake decorate with vibrant edible flowers and butterflies featuring a flowerrella fondant figure

Add an enchanting touch to your Gabby Dollhouse themed cake with vibrant edible flowers, delicate butterflies, and a charming Flowerrella fondant figure.

Gabby’s Magic Hat Cake: A Top Hat-shaped Cake With Magic Wand Decorations and a Gabby Figure Popping Out

gabbys magic hat cake a top hat shaped cake with magic wand decorations and a gabby figure popping out

Imagine a top hat-shaped cake adorned with magic wand decorations and a Gabby figure magically popping out as the showstopper of your celebration!

Gabby’s Art Studio Cake: Palette-shaped Cake With Colorful Icing Blobs and a Paintbrush

gabbys art studio cake palette shaped cake with colorful icing blobs and a paintbrush

Imagine a cake shaped like an artist’s palette with colorful icing blobs and a paintbrush – perfect for a Gabby’s Art Studio-themed celebration!

Space Adventure Layer Cake: Galaxy-themed Decorations With a Space-suited Gabby and Star Sprinkles

space adventure layer cake galaxy themed decorations with a space suited gabby and star sprinkles

Imagine a cake that takes you on a journey through the galaxy, adorned with a space-suited Gabby and twinkling star sprinkles.

Music Room Cake: Decorate With Musical Notes and Instruments With a Tiny Carlita On a Fondant Piano

music room cake decorate with musical notes and instruments with a tiny carlita on a fondant piano

Featuring a music-filled theme with instruments and notes, this cake showcases a tiny Carlita on a fondant piano, adding a touch of musical charm to your celebration.

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