15 Princes and the Frog Cakes Ideas for Magical Celebrations

Discover creative cake decorating ideas inspired by the enchanting tale of princes and frogs, perfect for adding a magical touch to any celebration.

Crown-topped Cupcakes With Green Frosting

crown topped cupcakes with green frosting

Imagine dainty cupcakes wearing crown toppers, cloaked in vibrant green frosting fit for a royal gathering.

Frog-shaped Cake Pops

frog shaped cake pops

Frog-shaped cake pops add a whimsical touch to your princes and the frog themed dessert table.

Lily Pad Cookies With a Frog Prince Decoration

lily pad cookies with a frog prince decoration

Lily pad cookies decorated with charming frog prince motifs add a whimsical touch to your princes and the frog-themed dessert spread.

Princess and Frog Tiered Cake With Edible Crowns

princess and frog tiered cake with edible crowns

The Princess and Frog Tiered Cake features edible crowns for a royal touch.

Royal Carriage Mini Cakes With Frog Details

royal carriage mini cakes with frog details

These delightful mini cakes add a touch of regal charm to any party with their royal carriage design and whimsical frog details.

Castle Cake With Moat and Frog Prince Figurines

castle cake with moat and frog prince figurines

Imagine a majestic cake resembling a castle with a charming moat encircling it, complete with adorable frog prince figurines adorning the tiers.

Enchanted Forest Cake With Hidden Frogs and a Prince Crown

enchanted forest cake with hidden frogs and a prince crown

The Enchanted forest cake features hidden frogs and a prince crown, adding a whimsical touch to the design.

Frog Prince Macarons With Crowns

frog prince macarons with crowns

Delight your guests with frog prince macarons adorned with tiny crowns. These elegant treats add a touch of royalty to your dessert table.

Marshmallow Frogs On Lily Pad Cupcakes

marshmallow frogs on lily pad cupcakes

Imagine adorable marshmallow frogs resting on green fondant lily pads atop delicious cupcakes, adding a touch of whimsy to your princes and the frog themed celebration.

Frog Prince Chocolate Truffles

frog prince chocolate truffles

Indulge in whimsical frog prince-themed chocolate truffles, a sweet treat fit for royalty among your enchanting cake spread.

Crown and Frog-shaped Sugar Cookies

crown and frog shaped sugar cookies

These cookies are perfect for a royal-themed event. They combine the elegance of crowns with the whimsy of frog shapes. Display them on your dessert table for a touch of enchantment. A fun and tasty treat for guests of all ages.

Layered Jello Pond With Floating Frogs

layered jello pond with floating frogs

Create a whimsical layered jello pond with adorable floating frogs, a delightful addition to a princess and frog themed party.

Frog On a Lily Pad Pudding Cups

frog on a lily pad pudding cups

These adorable treats feature marshmallow frogs resting on top of green pudding cups, resembling a lily pad pond.

Frog Prince Pie With a Crown-shaped Crust Design

frog prince pie with a crown shaped crust design

Imagine a delectable pie with a crown-shaped crust, perfectly fitting in the theme of your frog prince-inspired cake creations.

Enchanted Mirror Cake With a Reflective Glaze and a Frog Prince Image

enchanted mirror cake with a reflective glaze and a frog prince image

The Enchanted mirror cake showcases a reflective glaze and features a charming frog prince image – a magical addition for a fairy tale-inspired celebration.

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