15 Angel Food Cake Desserts for Your Sweet Tooth

Discover fresh and delightful ways to transform angel food cake into stunning desserts that are sure to impress at any gathering.

Angel Food Cake Trifle With Layers of Mixed Berries and Whipped Cream

angel food cake trifle with layers of mixed berries and whipped cream

This dessert stacks the light, airy cake with vibrant berries and fluffy cream, creating a visually stunning and refreshingly sweet treat.

Grilled Angel Food Cake Served With Caramel Drizzle and Diced Peaches

grilled angel food cake served with caramel drizzle and diced peaches

Warm up your dessert game by grilling slices of angel food cake, enhancing their texture and flavor, perfectly paired with a sweet caramel drizzle and juicy, fresh diced peaches for a delightful contrast.

Angel Food Cake French Toast Topped With Maple Syrup and Powdered Sugar

angel food cake french toast topped with maple syrup and powdered sugar

Transform your leftover angel food cake into a delectable breakfast treat by giving it the French toast twist, complete with a lavish topping of maple syrup and a dusting of powdered sugar for added sweetness.

Chocolate-Dipped Angel Food Cake Bites With Crushed Nuts or Sprinkles

chocolate dipped angel food cake bites with crushed nuts or sprinkles

These delightful bites blend the light, airy texture of angel food cake with a rich chocolate coating, finished with a crunchy touch of nuts or playful sprinkles. Perfect for satisfying that sweet tooth on the go!

Angel Food Cake Tiramisu With Espresso-soaked Layers and Mascarpone

angel food cake tiramisu with espresso soaked layers and mascarpone

Transform your angel food cake into a delicately light tiramisu, enriched with bold espresso-soaked delight and smoothed over with creamy mascarpone—an elegant twist to a classic Italian dessert.

Lemon Curd Filled Angel Food Cake With Fresh Whipped Cream

lemon curd filled angel food cake with fresh whipped cream

Brighten your dessert table with this refreshing combination, featuring zesty lemon curd enveloped in light, airy angel food cake, all crowned with a dollop of freshly whipped cream.

Angel Food Cake Parfaits With Yogurt, Granola, and Fresh Berries

angel food cake parfaits with yogurt granola and fresh berries

Angel Food Cake Parfaits blend fluffy cake with creamy yogurt, crunchy granola, and juicy berries for a delightfully textured dessert.

Angel Food Cake S’mores With Toasted Marshmallows and Chocolate Bars

angel food cake smores with toasted marshmallows and chocolate bars

Elevate your campfire classics by sandwiching gooey toasted marshmallows and rich chocolate between slices of light, fluffy angel food cake.

Mixed Berry Pavlova Using Angel Food Cake As the Base Instead of Meringue

mixed berry pavlova using angel food cake as the base instead of meringue

This twist fuses angel food cake as a lighter, fluffier foundation, supplanting traditional meringue for a delightful berry-laden dessert sensation.

Angel Food Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches With Raspberry Sorbet Filling

angel food cake ice cream sandwiches with raspberry sorbet filling

This dessert pairs light, airy angel food cake with the tartness of raspberry sorbet, offering a refreshing twist on the classic ice cream sandwich.

Angel Food Cake Panzanella With Summer Berries and Mint Syrup

angel food cake panzanella with summer berries and mint syrup

This dessert transforms the traditional bread-based Panzanella into a sweet treat by using airy angel food cake, tangy summer berries, and a refreshing drizzle of mint syrup.

Pumpkin Spice Angel Food Cake Topped With Cream Cheese Frosting and Pecans

pumpkin spice angel food cake topped with cream cheese frosting and pecans

This dessert transforms the classic lightness of angel food cake with the warm, inviting flavors of autumn, all beautifully finished with a rich, creamy topping and a crunch of pecans.

Angel Food Cake Fondue With Various Fruit and Chocolate Dipping Sauces

angel food cake fondue with various fruit and chocolate dipping sauces

Submerge fluffy angel food cake cubes into delectable chocolate and fruit sauces for a deliciously fun twist on traditional fondue.

Angel Food Cake Skewers Layered With Fruit and Drizzled With Balsamic Reduction

angel food cake skewers layered with fruit and drizzled with balsamic reduction

Angel Food Cake Skewers transform into a chic dessert when alternated with vibrant fruit and finished with a sophisticated balsamic glaze, perfect for that touch of elegance at any gathering.

Coconut Cream Angel Food Cake Layered With Coconut Whipped Cream and Toasted Flakes

coconut cream angel food cake layered with coconut whipped cream and toasted flakes

This dessert marries fluffy angel food cake with rich coconut whipped cream and crunchy toasted coconut flakes for a tropical twist.

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