15 Elmo Cake Ideas for Your Next Party

Discover creative and delightful Elmo cake ideas that will bring joy to any Sesame Street themed party.

Elmo Face Fondant Cake

elmo face fondant cake

Craft a vibrant Elmo face using colored fondant for a smooth, professional finish.

Elmo Tiered Cake With Colorful Layers

elmo tiered cake with colorful layers

This vibrant tiered cake features layers in Elmo’s signature colors, peeking out beneath a smooth fondant exterior topped with a playful Elmo figure.

Elmo and Friends Picnic Scene Cake

elmo and friends picnic scene cake

This playful cake features Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster enjoying a colorful picnic, complete with a fondant blanket, picnic basket, and tiny food details. Perfect for a fun-filled birthday bash!

Elmo’s World Full-scene Cake

elmos world full scene cake

Capture the essence of the beloved TV segment by decorating a cake that incorporates everything from Elmo’s goldfish, Dorothy, to his crayon and window, complete with a blue sky and fluffy clouds icing backdrop.

Polka Dots and Elmo Face Cupcakes

polka dots and elmo face cupcakes

These cupcakes marry simplicity with fun, featuring vibrant polka dots alongside a delightful Elmo face, perfect for bite-sized party treats.

Elmo’s Fish Dorothy in a Bowl Cake

elmos fish dorothy in a bowl cake

Capture a whimsical underwater theme by featuring Dorothy, Elmo’s beloved goldfish, in a creatively designed fondant fishbowl atop the cake.

Elmo Face Smash Cake for Toddlers

elmo face smash cake for toddlers

Perfect for first birthdays, this soft, vibrant red cake allows little ones to delve into Elmo’s smiling face with glee, making for both delightful play and tasty treats.

3D Elmo Sitting Cake

3d elmo sitting cake

Craft a lifelike 3D sitting Elmo cake that captures the beloved character in vibrant red fondant, perfect for a show-stopping centerpiece at any party.

Elmo Giant Cupcake Design

elmo giant cupcake design

This giant cupcake design transforms the iconic red and cheerful Elmo into an oversized, delightful treat that’s perfect for grabbing everyone’s attention at a party.

Elmo’s Alphabet Adventure Cake

elmos alphabet adventure cake

This cake tells an educational tale with cookie-cutter fondant letters sprinkled across a vibrantly iced Elmo figure, making alphabetic learning as tasty as it is fun.

Sesame Street Block Cake With Elmo Topper

sesame street block cake with elmo topper

This cake integrates iconic Sesame Street building block designs, crowned with a vibrant Elmo figurine, perfect for young fans.

Elmo and Cookie Monster Split Cake

elmo and cookie monster split cake

Capture both iconic characters by splitting the cake down the middle: one half adorned with Elmo’s bright red fur and friendly eyes, and the other with Cookie Monster’s unique blue fur and voracious appetite for cookies.

Mini Elmo Cupcakes With Edible Toppers

mini elmo cupcakes with edible toppers

Perfect for party favors, these bite-sized cupcakes feature charming, edible Elmo faces that captivate both the young and the young at heart.

Elmo’s Face On a Heart-shaped Cake

elmos face on a heart shaped cake

Combine affection with fond memories by placing Elmo’s cheerful face on a charming heart-shaped cake, perfect for showing love during birthdays or special occasions.

Elmo Silhouette Sunset Cake

elmo silhouette sunset cake

Capture the whimsy of a Sesame Street sunset with Elmo’s silhouette against a vividly hued icing backdrop, perfect for evening celebrations.

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