15 Cat Cake Ideas to Inspire Your Next Baking Project

Discover creative cat cake ideas perfect for celebrating your feline friend’s special day.

Three-layer Tuna Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

three layer tuna cake with cream cheese frosting

A savory twist on the classic cake, featuring tuna-flavored layers enveloped in smooth cream cheese frosting, tailor-made for cat lovers with a penchant for unique treats.

Cat Face-shaped Sponge Cake With Strawberry Whiskers

cat face shaped sponge cake with strawberry whiskers

Perfect for feline enthusiasts, this cake features a soft sponge in the shape of a cat’s face, complete with playful strawberry whiskers that add a sweet, fruity touch to every bite.

Black Cat Silhouette Cake With Chocolate Ganache

black cat silhouette cake with chocolate ganache

This design features a sleek black cat silhouette crafted from dark chocolate ganache, creating a striking contrast on a lighter cake base.

Paw Print Cupcakes With Paw Designs in Icing

paw print cupcakes with paw designs in icing

Perfect for a cat-themed party, these adorable cupcakes feature icing paw prints that look as if a tiny kitty has walked right across each treat.

Cat Tail Curled Around Cake, Made With Rolled Fondant

cat tail curled around cake made with rolled fondant

This cake features a playful fondant cat tail spiraling up and around the tiers, adding a whimsical twist to the design.

Multi-colored Cat Cake With Edible Glitter Sprinkles

multi colored cat cake with edible glitter sprinkles

A vibrant display of colors makes this cake a feast for the eyes, topped off with shimmering edible glitter that adds a magical sparkle.

Kitty Litter Box Cake With Crumbled Cookie Topping

kitty litter box cake with crumbled cookie topping

Shock and amuse guests with a playful yet delicious cake disguised as a kitty litter box, topped with realistic-looking crumbled cookie ‘sand’.

Fish-shaped Cake Pops for a Feline Feast

fish shaped cake pops for a feline feast

For a purr-fectly playful touch, fish-shaped cake pops serve as delightful nibbles, mimicking a cat’s favorite snack.

Layered Cake With Cat Ear Toppers and Cute Cat Face

layered cake with cat ear toppers and cute cat face

This layered delight features playful cat ear toppers and a charming cat face on the top layer, perfect for cat lovers seeking a whimsical touch.

Cheshire Cat Inspired Cake With a Wide, Edible Grin

cheshire cat inspired cake with a wide edible grin

This whimsical cake features a wide, edible grin that stretches from ear to ear, capturing the mischievous spirit of the Cheshire Cat.

Cat Nap Cake With a Fondant Cat Sleeping On a Pillow

cat nap cake with a fondant cat sleeping on a pillow

This whimsical design features a serene cat dozing atop a cushy pillow, crafted from smooth, sculpted fondant—an ideal choice for celebrating a cat lover’s birthday or a relaxing occasion.

Cat Climbing Tree Cake With Multiple Levels and Cats

cat climbing tree cake with multiple levels and cats

This cake features various layers designed to mimic a cat’s climbing tree, complete with fondant felines playfully positioned on each tier.

Peek-a-boo Cat Cake With Fondant Cats Peeking Out of Holes

peek a boo cat cake with fondant cats peeking out of holes

This whimsical cake features mischievous fondant cats peeking out from various icing-covered holes, creating a playful hide-and-seek theme.

Yarn Ball Cake With Fondant Yarn Texture

yarn ball cake with fondant yarn texture

This whimsical cake mimics the playful entanglement of a yarn ball, crafted from fondant to create a realistic woven texture that’s sure to be the centerpiece of any cat-loving celebration.

Alley Cats Rooftop Cake With Fondant Cityscape and Cats

alley cats rooftop cake with fondant cityscape and cats

Capture the allure of twilight adventures with a cake featuring a fondant cityscape where whimsical fondant cats prowl the rooftops.

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