15 Trolls Cake Ideas for Magical Birthday Celebrations

Unleash the whimsy with these creative Trolls-themed cake ideas perfect for any fan’s celebration!

Rainbow Layer Cake With Trolls Figurines

rainbow layer cake with trolls figurines

Create a vibrant rainbow layer cake featuring adorable Trolls figurines for a magical and colorful dessert centerpiece.

Poppy’s Pink Velvet Cake

poppys pink velvet cake

Poppy’s Pink Velvet Cake is a vibrant dessert inspired by the beloved Trolls character, featuring a pink-hued velvety crumb and playful decorations.

Branch’s Blueberry Delight Cake

branchs blueberry delight cake

Branch’s Blueberry Delight Cake offers a refreshing twist with its burst of blueberry flavor, perfect for any Trolls-themed celebration.

Glitter and Sparkle Trolls Cupcakes

glitter and sparkle trolls cupcakes

These Trolls cupcakes are covered in edible glitter and sparkles, perfect for adding a touch of magic to any celebration.

Trolls Forest Jelly Cake

trolls forest jelly cake

A Trolls Forest Jelly Cake brings the colorful and magical world of the Trolls to life through layers of vibrant jelly and whimsical forest decorations.

Troll Hair Cotton Candy Toppers Cake

troll hair cotton candy toppers cake

Craft colorful cotton candy tufts resembling Troll hair to use as cake toppers for a whimsical touch that brings the Trolls theme to life.

Trolls Village Mushroom House Cake

trolls village mushroom house cake

Imagine a whimsical cake depicting the iconic mushroom houses from the Trolls Village, filled with colorful details and playful charm.

DJ Suki’s Turntable Chocolate Cake

dj sukis turntable chocolate cake

Create a cake featuring a turntable design inspired by DJ Suki’s character in the Trolls movie, perfect for music lovers and fans of the film.

Biggie & Mr. Dinkles Adventure Cake

biggie amp mr. dinkles adventure cake

A whimsical cake featuring Biggie and his pet Mr. Dinkles on an adventure in a colorful edible setting.

Trolls World Tour Globe Cake

trolls world tour globe cake

Create a Trolls World Tour Globe Cake inspired by the movie’s global adventure theme, incorporating different colors and elements representing various cultures. Decorate the cake with miniature versions of Trolls characters from around the world, bringing the magic of the movie to life in a delicious and visually appealing way.

Cooper’s Rainbow Poop Emoji Cake

coopers rainbow poop emoji cake

Cooper’s Rainbow Poop Emoji Cake adds a fun and quirky twist to a Trolls-themed celebration, guaranteed to make everyone laugh and enjoy the party.

Satin and Chenille Fashionista Cake

satin and chenille fashionista cake

Create a fashionable Satin and Chenille-themed cake with vibrant colors and trendy decorations inspired by the stylish characters.

Guy Diamond’s Shimmering Glitter Cake

guy diamonds shimmering glitter cake

Guy Diamond’s Shimmering Glitter Cake features edible glitter cascading down in a mesmerizing display, capturing the essence of the character’s shimmering nature.

Trolls Family Portrait Sheet Cake

trolls family portrait sheet cake

A Trolls Family Portrait Sheet Cake is a perfect way to honor all the beloved Trolls characters in one delightful and colorful cake design, capturing the essence of friendship and fun in a delicious dessert centerpiece for any Trolls-themed celebration.

Queen Barb’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Red Velvet Cake

queen barbs rock n roll red velvet cake

Create a rock ‘n’ roll themed red velvet cake inspired by Queen Barb from Trolls World Tour, incorporating elements like music notes and guitar decorations for an edgy and fun cake design.

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