15 Toy Story Cake Ideas to Inspire Your Next Celebration

Discover creative Toy Story cake ideas perfect for any fan of the beloved animated series.

Woody’s Cowboy Hat Cake

woodys cowboy hat cake

Capture the essence of Woody with a cake shaped like his iconic brown cowboy hat, complete with a fondant buckle and stitched details.

Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Cake

buzz lightyear spaceship cake

Design a cake modeled after Buzz Lightyear’s iconic spaceship, using metallic fondant and bright colors to capture his adventurous spirit.

Andy’s Room Layer Cake

andys room layer cake

Capture the essence of Andy’s imaginative playtime with a tiered cake, each layer decorated like a different aspect of his iconic room, from the cloud wallpaper to the scattered toys.

Toy Chest Treasure Cake

toy chest treasure cake

This cake embodies an overflowing toy chest, featuring edible fondant replicas of favorite Toy Story characters peeking out among colorful “toy” decorations.

Little Bo Peep & Sheep Cake

little bo peep amp sheep cake

This design uses delicate pastel fondant for Bo Peep’s dress and fluffy marshmallow fondant for the adorable sheep, capturing the essence of her gentle and nurturing character.

Slinky Dog Stretch Cake

slinky dog stretch cake

This cake design elongates Slinky Dog into a fun and playful dessert, with his springy body curling along the length of a rectangular cake base.

Alien Triplets Cupcakes

alien triplets cupcakes

These cupcakes feature the iconic green Aliens with their three-eyed faces made from fondant, perfect for individual treats at a party.

Bullseye Carousel Cake

bullseye carousel cake

This cake transforms into a delightful carousel, with Bullseye as the star, surrounded by colorful icing and fondant details mimicking a merry-go-round.

Mr. Potato Head Mix & Match Cake

mr. potato head mix amp match cake

This playful cake features interchangeable fondant facial features and accessories, allowing party-goers to customize Mr. Potato Head’s look.

Green Army Men Camo Cake

green army men camo cake

This cake features a camouflage frosting pattern topped with edible figures of the iconic green army men, capturing the essence of their stealthy, strategic roles in the movies.

Jessie’s Western Scene Cake

jessies western scene cake

Capture the spirit of the Wild West with a vibrant cake depicting Jessie’s rodeo adventures, complete with edible cowboy boots and a lasso border.

Rex the Dinosaur Hill Cake

rex the dinosaur hill cake

Transform a cake into a prehistoric adventure with Rex, featuring him playfully posed atop a green, grassy icing hill, complete with edible trees for a Jurassic-themed party favorite.

Hamm the Piggy Bank Money Cake

hamm the piggy bank money cake

Craft a delightful cake shaped like Hamm, using edible coin decorations to emphasize his role as a piggy bank.

Forky Adventure Cake

forky adventure cake

Capture Forky’s charming quest for identity with a whimsical cake that reflects his journey from spork to beloved toy, incorporating fun elements like clay-like icing for his arms and mismatched candy eyes.

Toy Story Character Tier Cake

toy story character tier cake

This cake features stacked layers, each dedicated to a different beloved character from the Toy Story universe, decorated to highlight their unique traits and colors.

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