15 Thanksgiving Cake Designs to Inspire Your Holiday Baking

Discover a feast of creative Thanksgiving cake design ideas that will make your holiday spread as memorable as the turkey itself!

Pumpkin Patch Cake

pumpkin patch cake

A Pumpkin Patch Cake is a delightful Thanksgiving dessert featuring cute fondant pumpkins and edible soil made from cookie crumbs.

Turkey Fondant Figurine Cake

turkey fondant figurine cake

Create a lifelike turkey figurine from fondant to top your Thanksgiving cake, impressing your guests with its detail and charm.

Autumn Leaves Layer Cake

autumn leaves layer cake

The Autumn Leaves Layer Cake features a vibrant display of colorful fall leaves cascading down the sides of the cake, perfect for celebrating Thanksgiving with a touch of nature-inspired beauty.

Cornucopia Basketweave Cake

cornucopia basketweave cake

Create a stunning Cornucopia Basketweave Cake for Thanksgiving, symbolizing abundance and blessings in a decorative and delicious way.

Pilgrim Hat Cake

pilgrim hat cake

Create a cake that resembles a classic Pilgrim hat to add a touch of history and tradition to your Thanksgiving celebration.

Fall Flower Bouquet Cake

fall flower bouquet cake

The Fall Flower Bouquet Cake is adorned with an assortment of vibrant autumn flowers made from fondant, adding a touch of elegance and nature to your Thanksgiving dessert table.

Acorn and Oak Leaves Cake

acorn and oak leaves cake

For the Acorn and Oak Leaves Cake, this design features intricately crafted fondant acorns and oak leaves adorning the cake, capturing the essence of the autumn season in a festive and nature-inspired way.

Harvest Pumpkin Pie Cake

harvest pumpkin pie cake

A Harvest Pumpkin Pie Cake captures the essence of Thanksgiving with layers of spiced pumpkin cake, cream cheese frosting, and a pie crust crumble topping for a delightful dessert.

Thankful Script and Stars Cake

thankful script and stars cake

This cake design features thankful script words surrounded by star decorations, adding a touch of gratitude and sparkle to your Thanksgiving celebration.

Maple Leaf and Berries Cake

maple leaf and berries cake

Incorporate maple leaves and berries to create a colorful and festive Thanksgiving cake design. The combination adds a touch of nature and elegance to the cake for a beautiful holiday centerpiece.

Indian Corn Cake

indian corn cake

This cake design resembles Indian corn with its colorful kernels, making it a festive addition to your Thanksgiving dessert table.

Sunset Ombre Cake

sunset ombre cake

Create a stunning cake inspired by the colors of the sunset, blending from warm yellows to deep oranges and vibrant reds for a breathtaking autumn-themed dessert.

Apple Cider Drizzle Cake

apple cider drizzle cake

Drizzle a spiced apple cider reduction over a warm and moist cake for a festive and cozy Thanksgiving dessert.

Rustic Barn and Harvest Cake

rustic barn and harvest cake

Capture the essence of the rustic countryside with a barn-inspired cake adorned with a bountiful harvest of fruits, vegetables, and flowers, perfect for a Thanksgiving celebration.

Pecan Pie Inspired Cake

pecan pie inspired cake

Create a cake that captures the warm and rich flavors of a pecan pie, perfect for a Thanksgiving celebration.

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