15 Stranger Things Cakes Ideas for Themed Parties

Discover creative cake ideas inspired by the hit series “Stranger Things” that will turn your next party upside down!

Demogorgon Layer Cake

demogorgon layer cake

This terrifyingly tempting cake features multiple layers resembling the creature’s mouth, complete with pointed fondant teeth for a truly jaw-dropping effect.

Upside Down Black Forest Cake

upside down black forest cake

This cake represents the eerie, alternate dimension with its layers of rich chocolate and cherry filling, topped with a creamy ‘portal swirl’ decoration to mimic the chaotic nature of the Upside Down.

Hawkins Lab Test Tube Toppers Cake

hawkins lab test tube toppers cake

Adorn your cake with edible gel-filled test tubes, symbolizing the mysterious experiments of Hawkins National Laboratory.

Eleven’s Waffle Cake

elevens waffle cake

This cake captures Eleven’s love for Eggo waffles, creatively layering them within a fluffy, maple-infused sponge, all topped with a vibrant raspberry coulis that hints at her telekinetic powers.

Mind Flayer Shadow Cake

mind flayer shadow cake

Channel the eerie essence of the Mind Flayer with a dark chocolate cake, silhouetted with edible black icing shadows that creep up the frosted sides.

Hawkins Middle School Locker Cake

hawkins middle school locker cake

This cake transforms into the iconic, colorful lockers of Hawkins Middle School, complete with edible stickers and locker magnets to bring nostalgia and a slice of school-day mystery right to the table.

Neon ’80s Splash Cake

neon 80s splash cake

Channel the vibrant neon lights of a 1980s arcade with this visually striking cake, featuring electric pinks, greens, and blues in bold splatter patterns.

Walkie Talkie Fondant Cake

walkie talkie fondant cake

Channel your inner Hawkins resident with a cake featuring fondant models of vintage walkie talkies, perfect for secretive dessert communications.

Light Wall Alphabet Cake

light wall alphabet cake

This confection channels a key scene with a cake covered in frosted alphabet letters and a string of edible lights that appears to communicate otherworldly messages.

Eggo Extravaganza Cake

eggo extravaganza cake

This whimsical creation stacks layers of waffle-inspired cake interspersed with maple-flavored frosting, topped with mini Eggo waffles for a nostalgic nod to Eleven’s favorite snack.

Vintage TV Set Cake

vintage tv set cake

This cake features a classic ’80s television design, showcasing iconic scenes from “Stranger Things” on the edible screen.

Benny’s Burger Diner Cake

bennys burger diner cake

This cake transforms Benny’s iconic diner into a delicious tribute with edible burgers, fries, and a vintage diner facade.

Castle Byers Fort Cake

castle byers fort cake

Craft a cake version of Will’s beloved hideout, using cookie walls and a chocolate roof, nestled in a forest of green coconut shavings.

Russian Code Red Velvet Cake

russian code red velvet cake

Inspired by the mysterious Russian messages, this cake features deep red velvet layers, cleverly hidden clues in the icing, and a decorative Soviet insignia to complete the Cold War vibe.

Hopper’s Police Car Cake

hoppers police car cake

This cake transforms Chief Hopper’s iconic cruiser into a delicious dessert, complete with fondant sirens and edible police badges.

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