15 Small Simple Wedding Cakes: Elegant Ideas for Your Big Day

Discover charming and easy-to-create small wedding cake ideas that make your big day both sweet and stylish.

Naked Berry Cake With Fresh Strawberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries

naked berry cake with fresh strawberries blueberries and raspberries

The Naked berry cake adds a burst of natural color and freshness, ideal for those yearning for a simple yet visually appealing dessert.

Single-tier Geometric Cake With a Metallic Gold or Silver Finish

single tier geometric cake with a metallic gold or silver finish

Elevate elegance with a striking metallic finish that reflects sophistication and style, perfect for a modern wedding vibe.

Ombré Ruffle Cake With Soft Shades of Pink or Blue

ombre ruffle cake with soft shades of pink or blue

This cake features elegant, cascading ruffles that fade from vibrant to soft, embodying a subtle yet stunning visual gradient.

Mini Cakes Individually Served On Each Guest’s Plate

mini cakes individually served on each guests plate

Each guest receives their own exquisite mini cake, making for a personalized and memorable dessert experience.

Floral Cascade Cake With Edible Flowers

floral cascade cake with edible flowers

This cake features a graceful descent of vibrant edible flowers, adding a natural and romantic touch to the overall wedding theme.

Rustic Lemon and Lavender Cake Topped With Dried Lavender Sprigs

rustic lemon and lavender cake topped with dried lavender sprigs

This cake pairs the tangy zest of lemon with aromatic lavender, crowned with dried sprigs for a naturally charming presentation.

Vintage Lace Patterning With Pearl Adornments On White Fondant

vintage lace patterning with pearl adornments on white fondant

This cake exudes old-world charm, blending intricate lace patterns with the subtle shimmer of tiny pearls for a touch of elegance.

Succulent Adorned Cake Integrating Real or Sugar Succulents

succulent adorned cake integrating real or sugar succulents

This cake elegantly combines nature-inspired elements, featuring either authentic or skillfully crafted sugar succulents that add a touch of garden freshness to its overall design.

Watercolor Cake With Soft Brush Strokes in Pastels

watercolor cake with soft brush strokes in pastels

Soft pastel brush strokes give this watercolor cake a dreamy, artistic touch, perfect for a serene, simple wedding celebration.

Art Deco-inspired Design With Bold, Angular Frosting Patterns

art deco inspired design with bold angular frosting patterns

This design infuses your celebration with a touch of roaring twenties glam, featuring sharp, edgy frosting lines that make a bold statement on a compact canvas.

Boho-chic Cake With Macramé Details Made of Icing

boho chic cake with macrame details made of icing

This cake embraces a free-spirited vibe with icing intricately piped to mimic macramé art, perfectly aligning with a laid-back, bohemian wedding theme.

Beach-themed Cake With Delicate Sugar Sand and Seashells

beach themed cake with delicate sugar sand and seashells

Channel the shoreline charm with a cake featuring delicate sugar sand and crafted edible seashells, perfect for a seaside-inspired celebration.

Heart-shaped Mini Cake for Each Couple At the Wedding

heart shaped mini cake for each couple at the wedding

This concept celebrates love by presenting each couple with their own heart-shaped mini cake, creating a personalized touch to the dessert experience.

Chalkboard Style Cake Where Messages Can Be Written in Edible Markers

chalkboard style cake where messages can be written in edible markers

This design transforms your cake into an interactive guest book, where attendees can inscribe their well-wishes directly onto the edible surface.

Two-tiered White and Gold Speckled Cake With a Golden Topper

two tiered white and gold speckled cake with a golden topper

This cake exudes elegance with its speckled gold detailing and a striking golden topper, perfect for adding a luxurious touch to any small wedding.

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