15 Simple Little Mermaid Cake Ideas for Your Next Celebration

Discover easy and enchanting Little Mermaid cake ideas that will make your next party a hit!

Mermaid Tail Cupcake Toppers On Ocean Blue Frosting

mermaid tail cupcake toppers on ocean blue frosting

These toppers transform plain cupcakes into a delightful underwater scene, perfect for a Little Mermaid themed party.

Round Cake With Edible Sand and a Fondant Mermaid Tail Sticking Out

round cake with edible sand and a fondant mermaid tail sticking out

This design mimics a whimsical mermaid diving into a sea of cake, with realistic edible sand adding a touch of beachside magic.

Sheet Cake With a Colorful Underwater Scene and Edible Seaweed

sheet cake with a colorful underwater scene and edible seaweed

This cake offers a delightful dive into the deep with its vibrant under-the-sea decorations, showcasing everything from colorful coral to tasty edible seaweed.

Two-tiered Cake With Waves and a Perched Fondant Mermaid On Top

two tiered cake with waves and a perched fondant mermaid on top

This enchanting two-tiered cake features cascading blue waves on the lower tier, crowned with a meticulously crafted fondant mermaid sitting gracefully atop the upper tier.

Mermaid Scale Cake With Iridescent Icing and Pearl Details

mermaid scale cake with iridescent icing and pearl details

This cake achieves a magical underwater vibe with shimmering scale patterns and delicate pearls that pop against the iridescent frosting.

Square Cake Decorated As a Treasure Chest With Mermaid-themed Jewels

square cake decorated as a treasure chest with mermaid themed jewels

This creation transforms a square cake into a treasure chest, adorned with sparkling jewels and pearls, perfect for any Little Mermaid enthusiast looking for a magical touch.

Dome Cake Shaped Like a Clam With a Pearl Inside

dome cake shaped like a clam with a pearl inside

This inventive dome cake mimics a clam shell, complete with a lustrous fondant pearl nestled inside, perfect for a magical underwater-themed celebration.

Cake With a Hand-painted Mermaid Silhouette and Edible Glitter

cake with a hand painted mermaid silhouette and edible glitter

This design elegantly captures the mystical allure of a mermaid using a hand-painted silhouette on the cake’s surface, enhanced with a sprinkle of edible glitter for a captivating shimmer.

Simple Naked Cake With a Mermaid Tail Made From Colored White Chocolate

simple naked cake with a mermaid tail made from colored white chocolate

This design melds simplicity and fantasy, featuring a bare cake adorned with a whimsically colored white chocolate mermaid tail, blending rustic elegance with a splash of under-the-sea charm.

Vanilla Cake With Sea Creature Macarons (starfish, Seahorses) Around It

vanilla cake with sea creature macarons starfish seahorses around it

This whimsical design features delicate macarons shaped like starfish and seahorses, perched around a classic vanilla cake, enhancing its enchanting underwater theme.

Single Layer Cake With a Mermaid Tiara and Wand Placed On Top

single layer cake with a mermaid tiara and wand placed on top

This enchanting option features a royal touch with the placement of a delicate mermaid tiara and wand atop a single-layer cake, perfect for adding a magical centerpiece to any Little Mermaid-themed party.

Ocean Wave Swirls On a Cake Decorated With a Simple Plastic Mermaid Figurine

ocean wave swirls on a cake decorated with a simple plastic mermaid figurine

This design captures the dynamic movement of the sea with creamy blue swirls, topped off by a whimsical mermaid figurine for a magical touch.

Gradient Blue Buttercream Cake With Fondant Seashells and Starfish

gradient blue buttercream cake with fondant seashells and starfish

Capture the essence of the ocean with a gradient blue buttercream cake, adorned with delicate fondant seashells and starfish for a touch of seaside charm.

Mermaid-themed Cake Pops Arranged to Form a Mermaid Shape

mermaid themed cake pops arranged to form a mermaid shape

These mermaid-themed cake pops cleverly arranged in the outline of a mermaid bring a fun, three-dimensional aspect to the party table, delighting guests of all ages.

Jelly Cake With an Underwater Mermaid Scene Visible Through the Gelatin

jelly cake with an underwater mermaid scene visible through the gelatin

This jelly cake offers a captivating peek into a mermaid’s world, with a detailed scene encased in clear gelatin, making it both a visual and edible delight.

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