15 Moana Birthday Cake Ideas to Inspire Your Next Party

This article delivers creative ideas for Moana-themed birthday cakes that will make your party a hit.

Ocean Wave Cake With Moana Figurine

ocean wave cake with moana figurine

This cake showcases cascading blue buttercream waves that set the stage for a dynamic Moana figurine atop, capturing the essence of her oceanic adventures.

Heart of Te Fiti Green Velvet Cake

heart of te fiti green velvet cake

This cake transforms the mystical Heart of Te Fiti into a rich green velvet sponge, bringing a touch of magic and a splash of color to the celebration.

Moana Beach Scene Edible Sand Cake

moana beach scene edible sand cake

Capture the essence of Moana’s tropical adventures with a cake covered in edible sand, complete with a blue fondant sea and candy seashells, perfect for a beach-themed birthday bash.

Maui’s Hook Chocolate Cake

mauis hook chocolate cake

Harness the power of demigod Maui with a rich chocolate cake shaped like his magical fishhook, decorated with tribal icing patterns for an adventurous twist.

Polynesian Village Hut Cake

polynesian village hut cake

This cake cleverly mirrors a quaint Polynesian village using pretzel sticks for the frames of huts and shredded coconut for thatched roofs, presenting a miniature tropical escape atop your dessert table.

Hei Hei the Rooster Fun Cake

hei hei the rooster fun cake

This cake captures Hei Hei’s hilarious antics with vibrant icing and quirky, edible decorations that mirror his comical expression and bumbling personality.

Pua the Pig Cupcake Tower

pua the pig cupcake tower

This display features a tower of cupcakes, each adorned to resemble Pua, Moana’s adorable pig companion, adding a charming and whimsical touch to your celebration.

Moana Canoe Adventure Cake

moana canoe adventure cake

Set sail with a canoe-shaped cake featuring crests of blue icing waves and fondant characters of Moana and Maui on a journey across the dessert table.

Tala’s Manta Ray Glow Cake

talas manta ray glow cake

Illuminate your Moana party with Tala’s spirit animal, creating a stunning glow cake designed to mimic her transformative manta ray.

Tropical Floral Paradise Cake

tropical floral paradise cake

Adorned with vibrant edible flowers and leaves, this cake captures the lush, colorful beauty of a tropical paradise fitting for a Moana-themed celebration.

Island Goddess Te Fiti Face Cake

island goddess te fiti face cake

This design transforms the cake into the serene face of Te Fiti, complete with lush green icing and floral details that bring the heartwarming island goddess to life.

Moana Sunset Ombre Cake

moana sunset ombre cake

Capture the breathtaking hues of a Polynesian sunset with layers of yellow, orange, and deep red buttercream, creating a visually stunning backdrop that celebrates the adventurous spirit of Moana.

Coconut Kakamora Army Cake

coconut kakamora army cake

Channel the mischievous spirit of the Kakamora with a cake featuring these coconut-armored warriors in battle formation, perfect for adding a touch of playful antagonism to the party.

Voyager’s Starry Night Cake

voyagers starry night cake

This cake captures the enchanting night sky filled with twinkling stars, mirroring the navigational prowess of Moana and her ancestors.

Motunui Island Map Sheet Cake

motunui island map sheet cake

This cake features an artistic, edible map of Moana’s home island, Motunui, perfect for adventurous palates wanting a taste of exploration.

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