15 Minnie Mouse Cake Ideas for Your Next Celebration

Discover creative Minnie Mouse cake ideas perfect for adding a magical touch to any birthday celebration.

Pink Polka Dot Fondant Cake With Minnie Ears Topper

pink polka dot fondant cake with minnie ears topper

This cake features a playful pink fondant base adorned with white polka dots, topped off with charming black Minnie Mouse ears, bringing a classic Disney vibe to any celebration.

Two-tiered Red and Black Minnie Design With a Bow

two tiered red and black minnie design with a bow

This design features a striking contrast with its vibrant red bottom tier and sleek black top tier, elegantly tied together with a playful Minnie-inspired bow.

Minnie Mouse Face Cake With Edible Glitter

minnie mouse face cake with edible glitter

This cake design showcases Minnie’s iconic smile and large ears, elevated with sparkling edible glitter for a touch of magic.

Cupcake Tower With Minnie Ears and Bows

cupcake tower with minnie ears and bows

This cupcake tower features intricately designed Minnie ears and delicate bows on each cupcake, creating a whimsical display perfect for any Minnie Mouse-themed celebration.

Minnie Silhouette Cake With Floral Accents

minnie silhouette cake with floral accents

Enhance the elegance of your Minnie-themed celebration with a silhouette cake adorned by delicate floral accents, combining classic Disney charm with a touch of sophisticated flair.

Polka Dot Smash Cake With Minnie Topper

polka dot smash cake with minnie topper

Ideal for a first birthday, this cake combines playful polka dots with a charming Minnie Mouse figure on top, ensuring it’s as delightful to look at as it is to smash.

Minnie Mouse Dress-shaped Cake

minnie mouse dress shaped cake

This cake mirrors the iconic red and white polka-dotted dress of Minnie, complete with a fondant bow, perfect for themed parties celebrating the beloved character.

3D Sculpted Minnie Mouse Cake

3d sculpted minnie mouse cake

This cake features an intricately sculpted figure of Minnie Mouse, complete with her iconic dress and bow, bringing a dynamic 3D element to your celebration.

Red Velvet Cake With Minnie’s Bow As a Topper

red velvet cake with minnies bow as a topper

This creation combines the rich flavor of a classic red velvet cake, crowned with an iconic, playful Minnie Mouse bow made from fondant.

Minnie Mouse Clubhouse-themed Cake With Characters

minnie mouse clubhouse themed cake with characters

This themed cake showcases the entire Clubhouse crew, creating a lively and playful centerpiece perfect for any party celebrating a Minnie Mouse fan.

Ruffled Base Cake With Minnie Ears and Shoes On Top

ruffled base cake with minnie ears and shoes on top

This playful creation combines elegant ruffles around the base with whimsical Minnie-themed toppers, including her iconic ears and stylish high heels, perfect for a chic party centerpiece.

Checkerboard Pattern Inside With Minnie Face On Top

checkerboard pattern inside with minnie face on top

This cake delights with a surprising checkerboard pattern when sliced, crowned with a charming Minnie face for a whimsical touch.

Pastel Tiered Cake With Minnie Mouse Cameo

pastel tiered cake with minnie mouse cameo

This design combines soft pastel colors in layers with a delicate Minnie Mouse cameo, perfect for elegant celebrations or first birthdays.

Chocolate Drip Cake With Minnie Ear Cookies Around the Top

chocolate drip cake with minnie ear cookies around the top

This design combines a rich chocolate drip with playful Minnie ear cookies encircling the top, creating a delightful and whimsical effect.

Balloon-themed Cake With Minnie Floating Away

balloon themed cake with minnie floating away

This whimsical, airy design features fondant balloons lifting a playful Minnie figure, perfect for adding a sense of magical ascent to any celebration.

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