15 Golf Cake Ideas for Themed Celebrations

Discover creative golf-themed cake ideas perfect for any golf enthusiast’s celebration.

Miniature Golf Course Cake With Edible Sand Traps and Water Hazards

miniature golf course cake with edible sand traps and water hazards

Craft a playful edible landscape, complete with sugary sand traps and gelatin water hazards, turning each slice into a miniature adventure.

Hole-in-One Cake Featuring a Fondant Golf Ball in the Hole On a Green

hole in one cake featuring a fondant golf ball in the hole on a green

This design captures the thrilling moment of victory, with a perfectly placed golf ball nestling in the cup atop a lush green fondant fairway.

Golf Bag Cake With Clubs Made From Pretzel Sticks and Fondant

golf bag cake with clubs made from pretzel sticks and fondant

This imaginative creation uses pretzel sticks as club shafts, topped with customized fondant grips and heads, displayed neatly in a rolled fondant golf bag.

Golf Cart Cake With Edible Seats and Steering Wheel

golf cart cake with edible seats and steering wheel

Perfect for the golf enthusiast, this cake transforms into a charming golf cart complete with detailed, edible seats and a steering wheel to steer any party towards fun.

PGA Tour Cake With Leaderboard and Flags Representing the Final Round

pga tour cake with leaderboard and flags representing the final round

Capture the thrill of victory with a PGA Tour-themed cake, complete with a detailed leaderboard and colorful flags marking the drama of the final round.

Golf Tee Box Cake With Different Tee Colors and a Golfer Figurine

golf tee box cake with different tee colors and a golfer figurine

This cake showcases a starting point in golf, complete with colorful fondant tees and a small figurine poised to drive the ball, capturing the anticipation of the first swing.

Vintage Golf Cake With Sepia-toned Icing and Classic Golf Scenes

vintage golf cake with sepia toned icing and classic golf scenes

The Vintage Golf Cake captures the essence of old-world golf, boasting sepia tones that evoke a nostalgic feel with scenes from classic matches piped around the sides.

Golf Ball Cake Covered in Dimpled Fondant to Mimic a Real Golf Ball

golf ball cake covered in dimpled fondant to mimic a real golf ball

This design cleverly uses dimpled fondant, creating a textured effect that closely resembles a real golf ball’s surface.

Golf Clubhouse Cake, Architecturally Detailed With Balconies and Stairs

golf clubhouse cake architecturally detailed with balconies and stairs

The Golf Clubhouse Cake sports exquisite architectural details, complete with tiny fondant balconies and meticulously crafted staircases, perfect for an aficionado of both desserts and design.

Sunset Golf Course Cake With a Serene Sunset Backdrop in Buttercream

sunset golf course cake with a serene sunset backdrop in buttercream

This vibrant design captures the peaceful ambiance of a golf course at dusk, painted in rich, creamy buttercream colors.

Caddy Shack Cake, Playful and Whimsical, With Quirky Caddy Figurines

caddy shack cake playful and whimsical with quirky caddy figurines

Sure to bring a smile, this cake depicts the chaotic charm of a golf caddy shack, complete with zany caddy figurines and comically scattered golf equipment.

Masters Green Jacket Cake Shaped Like the Iconic Jacket With Green Icing

masters green jacket cake shaped like the iconic jacket with green icing

This cake mimics the prestigious green jacket, celebrating a golfer’s triumph or a love for the sport’s tradition.

Golf Shoe Cake With Detailed Edible Spikes and Laces

golf shoe cake with detailed edible spikes and laces

Capture the essence of the fairway underfoot with a Golf Shoe Cake, complete with strikingly realistic fondant laces and edible spikes that add an unmistakable touch of authenticity.

Golf Trophy Cake Modeled After a Famous Golf Trophy With Metallic Icing

golf trophy cake modeled after a famous golf trophy with metallic icing

Celebrate a tournament win with a cake that dazzles, crafted to resemble a prestigious golf trophy using shimmering metallic icing for that trophy-like sheen.

Golf Landscape Cake Featuring Fairways, Bunkers, and Trees in 3D Design

golf landscape cake featuring fairways bunkers and trees in 3d design

This cake captures the essence of a golf course with meticulously crafted 3D elements like textured fairways, sandy bunkers, and lifelike trees, offering an immersive edible landscape.

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