15 Bluey Cake Ideas for Your Next Celebration

Discover creative and adorable Bluey cake ideas to delight fans of the beloved TV show at your next party.

Bluey Character Fondant Cake

bluey character fondant cake

Create a Bluey character fondant cake as the centerpiece of your party. Add a playful touch with edible decorations. Perfect for any Bluey fan’s celebration.

Blue Heeler Paw Print Cupcakes

blue heeler paw print cupcakes

Create adorable Blue Heeler paw print cupcakes for a fun and playful Bluey-themed treat.

Bluey and Bingo 3D Cake

bluey and bingo 3d cake

Create a 3D Bluey and Bingo cake that brings the beloved characters to life in edible form, perfect for a fun and visually appealing cake design.

Bluey Family Picnic Scene Cake

bluey family picnic scene cake

Imagine a cake decorated to replicate a delightful scene from the popular show Bluey where the family is having a picnic together, creating a cute and charming design that captures the essence of togetherness and joy.

Bluey Beach Day Tiered Cake

bluey beach day tiered cake

Create a colorful beach-themed tiered cake featuring Bluey and his family frolicking on the sandy shores complete with palm trees, beach toys, and ocean waves.

Brisbane Cityscape With Bluey Cake

brisbane cityscape with bluey cake

Imagine a cake featuring Bluey amid the iconic Brisbane skyline, a perfect blend of charm and local touch.

Bluey’s Park Adventure Edible Image Cake

blueys park adventure edible image cake

An edible image cake featuring Bluey’s park adventure scene with vibrant colors and intricate details to delight any Bluey fan!

Bluey Balloon Party Cake

bluey balloon party cake

A Bluey balloon party cake is a delightful and colorful cake decorated with fondant balloons featuring characters from the show. It’s perfect for a Bluey-themed celebration and adds a fun touch to any party spread.

Magic Xylophone Themed Cake

magic xylophone themed cake

Imagine a cake that mirrors Bluey’s enchanted xylophone with vibrant colors and magical decorations, bringing the charm of the show to life at your special event.

Bluey’s Backyard Cake With Fondant Toys

blueys backyard cake with fondant toys

Bring Bluey’s backyard to life on a cake with edible fondant toys for a playful and vibrant design that kids will adore.

Grannies Episode Inspired Cake

grannies episode inspired cake

Create a cake inspired by the Grannies episode of Bluey, featuring characters or scenes from the show.

Bluey Camping Trip Cake With Fondant Tent

bluey camping trip cake with fondant tent

Create a Bluey camping trip cake featuring a fondant tent as the centerpiece.

Dance Mode Bluey and Bingo Cake

dance mode bluey and bingo cake

Create a whimsical cake featuring Bluey and Bingo in their Dance Mode personas, perfect for a fun and lively celebration.

Bluey’s School Day Bus-shaped Cake

blueys school day bus shaped cake

Create a cake shaped like Bluey’s school bus for a fun and colorful birthday treat.

Bluey Birthday Surprise Inside Cake (with Hidden Colored Layers)

bluey birthday surprise inside cake with hidden colored layers

Surprise your guests with a Bluey-themed birthday cake that reveals hidden colorful layers when sliced.

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