15 Blippi Cake Ideas for Your Next Fun Celebration

This article provides creative Blippi cake ideas perfect for adding a splash of color and fun to any child’s birthday party.

Bright Orange and Blue Fondant Stripes With a 3D Fondant Blippi Hat Topper

bright orange and blue fondant stripes with a 3d fondant blippi hat topper

This design captures the essence of Blippi’s vibrant character with alternating bright orange and blue stripes, topped off with a playful, three-dimensional fondant Blippi hat for an eye-catching centerpiece.

Edible Image Cake Featuring a Blippi Scene, Surrounded By Colorful Fondant Shapes

edible image cake featuring a blippi scene surrounded by colorful fondant shapes

This cake pairs an edible printed image of a lively Blippi scene with a vibrant border of fondant shapes, bringing a pop of color and dimension that captures Blippi’s energetic vibe.

Construction Site Cake With Blippi Figurine and Edible Dirt and Equipment

construction site cake with blippi figurine and edible dirt and equipment

This cake turns the table into a mini construction zone, complete with a Blippi figurine directing the edible bulldozers and dump trucks through a landscape of chocolate crumb dirt.

Number-shaped Cake Styled After Blippi’s Outfit, Complete With Suspenders and Bow Tie

number shaped cake styled after blippis outfit complete with suspenders and bow tie

This creation takes the shape of the guest of honor’s age, decked out in Blippi’s iconic blue and orange attire, complete with edible suspenders and a neat fondant bow tie.

Cupcake Tower With Each Cupcake Featuring a Mini Blippi Hat or Glasses

cupcake tower with each cupcake featuring a mini blippi hat or glasses

This playful setup includes a tower of cupcakes, each adorned with either a tiny Blippi hat or a pair of his iconic glasses, bringing a whimsical and personal touch to party treats.

Bright Blue Cake With Orange Polka Dots and a Fondant Blippi Figure On Top

bright blue cake with orange polka dots and a fondant blippi figure on top

This vibrant cake captures the essence of Blippi with its bright blue icing adorned with playful orange polka dots, topped off with a meticulously crafted fondant figure of Blippi himself, adding a personal touch to the celebration.

Buttercream Cake With Piped Tools and a Fondant Blippi Exploring the Scene

buttercream cake with piped tools and a fondant blippi exploring the scene

This design showcases a playful Blippi in fondant, wandering amidst a landscape of expertly piped tool motifs on smooth buttercream, capturing the essence of exploration and learning.

Blippi’s Adventure Park-themed Cake With Edible Slides and Swings

blippis adventure park themed cake with edible slides and swings

This playful cake transforms a favorite local playground into an edible form, featuring slides, swings, and a joyful fondant Blippi ready for fun.

Airplane-shaped Cake Featuring Blippi As the Pilot, Complete With Clouds and Sky

airplane shaped cake featuring blippi as the pilot complete with clouds and sky

Soar into fun with this airplane-themed cake! Blippi, as the pilot, guides a sugary flight above a frosted sky dotted with fluffy cloud decorations.

Two-tier Cake With the Lower Tier As Blippi’s Trousers and the Upper Tier As His Shirt and Bowtie

two tier cake with the lower tier as blippis trousers and the upper tier as his shirt and bowtie

Incorporating Blippi’s iconic style, the two-tier design features his recognizable blue shirt and orange bowtie on the upper tier, while the lower tier mimics his bright blue trousers, creating a playful and thematic celebration centerpiece.

Exploration Cake With Fondant Binoculars, Map, and Blippi On a Treasure Hunt

exploration cake with fondant binoculars map and blippi on a treasure hunt

This cake transforms any party into a scavenger hunt with its detailed decorations of fondant binoculars, a map, and a Blippi figure ready for adventure.

Cake Shaped Like Blippi’s Hat With His Signature Glasses Resting On the Brim

cake shaped like blippis hat with his signature glasses resting on the brim

This design takes Blippi’s iconic blue and orange hat as the main shape of the cake, cleverly placing his glasses on the brim to capture his characteristic look.

Space-themed Cake With Blippi in an Astronaut Suit Among Stars and Planets

space themed cake with blippi in an astronaut suit among stars and planets

This cake rockets your celebration to new heights, featuring Blippi in an astronaut suit, orbiting among meticulously crafted fondant stars and planets.

Car Cake Inspired By Blippi’s Love for Vehicles, Adorned With Roads and Mini Cars

car cake inspired by blippis love for vehicles adorned with roads and mini cars

Perfect for little vehicle enthusiasts, this cake captures Blippi’s excitement for cars with its tiny roadways and colorful miniature vehicles scattered around a vibrant frosted landscape.

Zoo Adventure Cake With Fondant Animals and Blippi On a Safari

zoo adventure cake with fondant animals and blippi on a safari

This cake captures a playful safari scene with fondant animals and a Blippi figurine exploring, perfect for young adventurers.

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