15 Baseball Cakes Ideas for Your Next Themed Party

Discover creative and fun baseball cake ideas that are perfect for any fan of the game.

Baseball Diamond Cake With Fondant Bases and Players

baseball diamond cake with fondant bases and players

Craft a classic baseball scene with this diamond-shaped cake, featuring meticulously shaped fondant players and bases, bringing the excitement of the game to any party.

3D Baseball Mitt Cake Holding a Cake Ball

3d baseball mitt cake holding a cake ball

This cake creatively captures the essence of the game, featuring a sculpted fondant mitt cradling a realistically textured baseball, perfect for any baseball enthusiast’s celebration.

Round Cake With Piped Baseball Seams and Team Logos

round cake with piped baseball seams and team logos

This design transforms a simple round cake into a baseball, featuring iconic red seams and customizable team logos for a personal touch.

Baseball Cap Cake Featuring the Favorite Team’s Colors and Logo

baseball cap cake featuring the favorite teams colors and logo

This cake channels team spirit by mimicking a baseball cap, complete with authentic colors and the team’s emblem.

Tiered Cake With Each Tier Shaped Like Different Baseball Equipment

tiered cake with each tier shaped like different baseball equipment

This inventive cake features multiple tiers, each meticulously shaped and decorated to resemble essential baseball gear such as a glove, ball, and bat, creating a striking visual representation of the sport.

Cupcake Display Arranged to Form a Large Baseball Field

cupcake display arranged to form a large baseball field

This cupcake arrangement transforms a traditional dessert display into an eye-catching edible baseball field, complete with green frosting for grass and a diamond layout.

Round Cake Designed As a Giant Baseball With Personalized Autographs

round cake designed as a giant baseball with personalized autographs

Ideal for fan celebrations, this design features a cake shaped and textured like a baseball, customized with edible ink autographs of famous players or personal messages.

Baseball Bat Cake With Realistic Wood Texture and Team Insignia

baseball bat cake with realistic wood texture and team insignia

Perfect for enthusiasts, this cake mimics a wooden bat adorned with a team’s unique insignia, offering a touch of personal celebration to any baseball-themed event.

Stadium Cake Replicating a Famous Ballpark

stadium cake replicating a famous ballpark

Capture the excitement of game day by crafting a stadium cake that mirrors the iconic features and architecture of a beloved ballpark.

Home Plate-shaped Cake With Detailed Scoreboard Decoration

home plate shaped cake with detailed scoreboard decoration

This cake features a meticulously crafted scoreboard that adds a dynamic and personalized touch to the iconic home plate shape, celebrating key moments or favorite scores from memorable games.

Umpire Shirt Cake With a Whistle and Cap Decorations

umpire shirt cake with a whistle and cap decorations

Perfect for celebrating the unsung heroes of the game, this cake mimics an umpire’s shirt, complete with fondant whistle and a realistic cap topping.

Cake Pops Decorated As Small Baseballs and Bats

cake pops decorated as small baseballs and bats

Perfect for favors or a quick treat, these cake pops are artfully crafted to resemble tiny baseballs and bats, adding a playful touch to any baseball-themed event.

Baseball Jersey Cake With Customizable Player Name and Number

baseball jersey cake with customizable player name and number

Perfect for personalizing your celebration, this cake replicates a baseball jersey, allowing you to add a favorite player’s name and number.

Cleats Cake, Perfect for a Player or Coach Celebration

cleats cake perfect for a player or coach celebration

Embody the spirit of the game right down to the footwear with this uniquely designed cake, shaped like a pair of detailed baseball cleats, styled in the celebrant’s team colors or personalized details.

Fondant-covered Cake With a Layered, Cutaway View of a Baseball

fondant covered cake with a layered cutaway view of a baseball

This cake offers a sectional view showing the inner layers of a baseball, emphasizing its intricate construction and providing a visual surprise for guests.

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