15 Among Us Cake Ideas for Your Next Party

Discover creative cake decorating ideas inspired by the popular game Among Us that will make your next party a hit.

Crewmate-shaped Cake With Customizable Colors

crewmate shaped cake with customizable colors

Choose your favorite crewmate color to personalize this cake, mirroring the in-game customization.

Skeld Map Layer Cake

skeld map layer cake

This multi-tiered confection recreates the iconic spaceship layout, offering a delicious exploration of the game’s setting in every slice.

Impostor Reveal Cake With Red Velvet Inside

impostor reveal cake with red velvet inside

Slice into this deceitfully delicious cake to unleash a burst of red velvet, symbolizing the blood of an unsuspected crewmate fallen to an impostor’s cunning.

Space Helmet Cake With a Glass-like Gelatin Window

space helmet cake with a glass like gelatin window

Peer into the cosmos with this space helmet cake, featuring a shimmering, gelatin “glass” window that adds a touch of interstellar intrigue.

Among Us Cupcake Set With Different Crew Colors

among us cupcake set with different crew colors

Perfect for sharing, these cupcakes allow each player to pick a treat in their favorite crewmate color, adding a personal touch to the party spread.

Emergency Meeting Button Cake

emergency meeting button cake

This cake mirrors the iconic red button, instantly sparking excitement for a dramatic reveal or discussion at your party.

Edible Among Us Mini-figurines On a Galaxy-themed Cake

edible among us mini figurines on a galaxy themed cake

Transform your galaxy-themed cake into a cosmic playground by topping it with edible Among Us mini-figurines, adding a playful touch as they seem to float in space.

Vent Design Cake With Hidden Treats Inside

vent design cake with hidden treats inside

Slice into this clever vent-themed cake to discover an assortment of hidden treats, mimicking the surprise of an imposter popping out in the game.

Crewmates in Space Cake With Starry Fondant

crewmates in space cake with starry fondant

This cosmic delight features crewmates adrift on a rich, dark fondant backdrop speckled with edible stars, capturing the vastness of outer space.

Dead Body Reporting Scene Cake

dead body reporting scene cake

Capture a game-changing moment with a cake featuring a ‘Reported’ scene, complete with a fondant chalk outline and scattered edible ‘evidence.’

Tasks-themed Cake With Mini Edible Task Stations

tasks themed cake with mini edible task stations

This cake transforms into a playful edible game board, featuring miniature stations for tasks like wiring and card swipes, inviting guests to “complete” them as they eat.

Sabotage-themed Cake With Wires and Broken Components Design

sabotage themed cake with wires and broken components design

Capture the chaos of a true Impostor move with a cake featuring intricate icing wires and fondant components that look like they’ve just been sabotaged.

Among Us Piñata Cake Filled With Small Candies

among us pinata cake filled with small candies

Imagine the delight when cutting into the Among Us Piñata cake to find a cascade of colorful candies, mirroring the game’s surprise elements.

Admin Map Cake With Edible Player Icons

admin map cake with edible player icons

This cake mirrors the Admin map, featuring precisely placed, edible icons that represent players, allowing party-goers to visually track everyone’s location in a delicious way.

Victory Screen Cake With “Crewmates Win” or “Impostors Win” Iced On Top

victory screen cake with crewmates win or impostors win iced on top

Capture the final thrill of the game by choosing a Victory screen cake, with the top iced in bold letters declaring either “Crewmates Win” or “Impostors Win,” perfect for wrapping up an Among Us-themed party.

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